CS4NorCal Professional Learning Model

The BIG Picture: Orientation ➡️ Onboarding ➡️ Ongoing

CS4NorCal is a federally funded professional learning project and research study.  The purpose is to develop a replicable professional learning model to prepare teachers, administrators, and communities to develop computer science pathways in their school districts. The CS4NorCal professional learning model includes:

Orientation: Learn More about the Professional Learning Model

Professional Learning Information 2023
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Onboarding: A 2-Year Professional Learning Experience

Summer of CS Workshops Kick Off the PL Program

Start your CS4NorCal professional learning experience with a deep dive into summer workshops -- 5 days for teachers of grades 6-12, 3 days for teachers of grades TK-5, 1 day for school counselors and 1 day for school administrators. Look for information here in January or February 2024 about the Summer of CS program.

Lead with CS Flyer
E4C CS4NorCal Flyer Year 1 2023-24
Redding Integration Workshop CS4NorCal Flyer 2023-24

Lead with CS: First-Year CS Content Workshops During the Academic Year

During the academic year, CS4NorCal’s intensive professional learning program builds on the knowledge acquired during Summer of CS, including computer science standards and exposure to CS curriculum. 

Hours accrued through these workshops also count toward CEUs for interested participants.

Open the flyers to the left to learn more about the Academic Year professional learning opportunities. 

Academic Integration Workshops

Each Fall and Spring, you are invited to explore how computer science content can be used to accelerate student learning in Math, Science, English/Language Arts, and other core academic subjects.  Each 6-hour workshop features hands-on lessons, resources to connect CS to core academic subjects, and physical materials to help bring CS lessons to life for your students!  

Implement for Impact: Second-Year Workshops for Teachers of Grades 6-12

Integrating college-and career-readiness (CCR) into computer science (CS) instruction increases its relevance for students, their families and school counselors. CS pathways are strengthened by partnerships with local colleges and businesses.

CS4NorCal’s second year of professional learning for teachers of grades 6-12 offers a unique series of 4 workshops to provide teachers with tools to integrate CCR and CS instruction. Teachers will be able to increase the impact of their CS implementation with such strategies as project-based learning, project management, authentic assessment and curation of student work.  These instructional strategies are relevant to any subject area. Employers from California's Far North are looking to hire new employees who are able to manage projects in collaboration with team members utilizing tools like Agile, which CS4NorCal teachers will learn through Implement for Impact. 

Open the flyer to the right to learn more about this academic year professional learning opportunity.

Elementary 4 Computing: Second-Year Workshops for Teachers of Grades TK-5

For teachers of grades K-5, CS4NorCal invites you to refine your practice of Computer Science (CS) education by exploring model lessons from free and open-source TK-5 curricula and evidence-based practices grounded in research about:

Open the flyer to the right to learn more about this academic year professional learning opportunity. 

Implement for Impact Flyer
E4C CS4NorCal Flyer Year 2 2023-24

Ongoing: Continuous Development as a CS Professional

Keep on learning! To further enhance  your CS instruction, the CS4NorCal project offers additional professional learning opportunities throughout the year that are  optional, but compensated. Also, keep these in mind if you want to contiue to develop as a CS professional after completing your 2 years of "onboarding." Finally, let us know if you'd like repeat an onboarding workshop (described above) or participate in one you may have missed.

Virtual Community of Practice

Each month, you may collaborate with other CS4NorCal participants in a community of practice. Hosted by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) California Far North Chapter, each 90-minute virtual meeting features synchronous and asynchronous opportunities to network, share resources, and collaborate on problems of practice.  Learn more about the Virtual Community of Practice at https://farnorthca.csteachers.org/.  CoP participants can receive a $100 stipend per meeting.

Support for CS4NorCal Research Project

Periodically, CS4NorCal invites teachers to join one-hour Focus Group meetings, where they can continue to develop their leadership skills while informing the development of the project's implementation model. For example, in 2022-23, participants have been collaborating to share practices around assessment of students' CS competence. Participants in Focus Groups can earn a $100 gift card.

College-and-Career-Readiness Events

Twice a year, you are invited to learn from Business & Industry experts about how CS education can lead students to high-wage, high-demand careers. CS4NorCal's partner Siskiyou Works hosts a Far North Regional CS/ICT Business/Industry Advisory Committee meeting.  Participants can earn a $100 gift card.

Benefits of Participation

Stipend Information 2023
Stipend Flyer

Benefits for Students, Teachers, and Schools

Practitioners and Trainers Extol the Value of CS4NorCal and CS Education

Summer of CS 2021

Summer of CS 2022

Redding ESD Superintendent
Rob Adams

Teachers Alysia Garcia (Dunsmuir HS), Jenny Grove (Surprise Valley USD), Shanna Schack (Jackson St. ES)

CS4NorCal Professional Learning Values

(adopted from code.org: https://code.org/educate/professional-learning/values and practiced by CS4NorCal professional learning facilitators )

You Are The Expert! and Role of the Facilitator

We view educators as dedicated professionals and valued collaborators. They know their classrooms, schools, and districts best, and bring valuable experiences and expertise to the professional learning environment. We design our programs to allow participants to share and learn from one another’s experiences, and encourage them to recognize them to make the right decisions for their classrooms and communities. As such, we position our facilitators to be guides and connectors rather than the sole source of knowledge.

A teacher in our program can expect facilitators to be knowledgeable about our curriculum, learning platform, and teaching strategies for equitable, inclusive CS classrooms, and be your learning partner.

Approachable and Robust Supports

Our professional learning experiences are designed for educators with minimal or no background in computer science, and provide a safe space to discuss, discover, and practice. 

As educators prepare and teach the course throughout the year, our program provides support through the curriculum itself as well as the materials made available to facilitators for workshops. We value robust and detailed guidance that can be used at the educator’s discretion.

Engaging and Actionable Experiences

We design our professional learning experiences to model the student-centered and hands-on approach used by all of the courses in our K-12 pathway. Participants can expect to be active, engaged, and have fun along the way. Furthermore, we prioritize educators walking away with actionable and practical strategies that can be brought to their classroom the next day. We provide educators with opportunities to plan for their classrooms and reflect on the realities of their specific contexts.