Computer Science
Credential Information

California Teaching Credentials for CS

While there is no single-subject credential for CS in CA, teachers with the following credentials are authorized to instruct CS:

Also, teachers with any single-subject or multiple-subjects credential may earn an Introductory or Specific Supplementary Authorization in CS by:

The Introductory Supplementary Authorization authorizes the holder to teach CS content in grade 9 and below. Specific Supplementary Authorizations authorize the holder to teach core academic CS courses for all grades.

No additional credential or authorization is required for a teacher to integrate computational thinking and/or CS content into a non-CS course. However, schools and teachers should participate in professional learning activities to better understand CS content and pedagogy, as well as how to effectively integrate CS into existing courses.

For more information:

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing leaflets pertaining to CS-related credentials

References for credential guidance