Year 2: Implement for Impact

Congratulations! You completed your first year of intensive professional learning focused on CS content, instructional strategies, CS + Math and Science integration, and equity. Looking forward to your second and final year of professional learning support in the CS4NorCal project, you now have the opportunity to explore creative ways to implement the California K-12 Computer Science Standards in your classroom. The sections below describe the Second Summer and Academic Year Workshop professional learning opportunities:

Second Summer at the Summer of CS Workshop Descriptions

Equity-Minded Instruction in Computer Science Workshop

Join us for this hybrid course to understand how to implement equitable experiences in computer science through:

  • Examining our own unconscious biases and misunderstandings

  • Learning about intersectionality and impact on computer science identity

  • Using the Universal design for learning framework for CS lesson planning

  • Leveraging computer science as a tool for addressing social justice through

  • Using culturally responsive pedagogy to influence CS classroom culture

  • Collaboration in Computer Science, including Design Thinking protocol.

Please note: The course content will be accessed through Canvas. Participants will engage in both synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Continuing Education Units are available for purchase upon successful completion of the workshop.

Bootstrap: Algebra and Data Science Workshop

New for the 2022 Summer of CS is a CS Integration workshop that will feature the math/Science/CS curriculum Bootstrap! Each participant will receive the full curriculum for Bootstrap Algebra and for Bootstrap Data Science. The five days of professional development will equip teachers to lead students through the curricula by:

  • Working with peers to discuss content and pedagogy used within the curriculum

  • Spend time working through lesson materials and software firsthand as students

  • Debrief lesson activities, content, and pedagogy with their peers led by a Bootstrap trainer

  • Review the research for improved student performance on standardized tests for students learning mathematics through Bootstrap Curricula.

Three days of the week will be focused on Bootstrap: Algebra and the remaining two will focus on Bootstrap: Data Science, which could be part of a math or science class. The content for both curricula is suitable for middle and high school grades.

Second Summer with Your CS Curriculum Workshop

The summer after a year of teaching CSD, ECS, or CSP teachers are invited to attend the summer workshop again, but with a focus on deepening their understanding of content and pedagogy. In the second summer, teachers learn, observe, and share.


They are more able to focus on student learning: how to improve it, assess it, and learn from it.


They can listen and relate to others’ classroom teaching experiences and learn from their peers.


They reflect on and offer their experiences to first-year teachers and help build a learning community.

Academic Year Workshop Descriptions

2022-2023 School Year

Your 20 days of professional learning culminate with a sequence of four workshops that will explore how project-based learning can enhance the student experience in computer science, how students can learn and create projects using industry-standard tools and processes, how students can learn about cutting-edge CS concepts like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, and how students can showcase their CS projects with an authentic audience.

Workshop 1: Project-Based Learning and Authentic Assessment

Project-Bassed Learning (PBL) and authentic assessment are opportunities to further integrate CS into existing academic subjects. You have experienced a year of teaching and PL support in CS; now you can review the projects they taught/experienced and learn about how they can be expanded to fit PBL structures.

Workshop 2: Agile Project Management for Student Projects

With an shared understanding of PBL and authentic assessment, we will explore tools and protocols that students can use to manage their project. Project management is an employability skill across many industries, including those related to CS. It also is a skill that can enhance academic/classroom performance.

Together we will learn about Agile project management to manage student project in a way that is productive and connected to industry.

Workshop 3: Emerging Concepts in CS

Because CS is an emerging and evolving field of study, we will explore future standards and concepts. These emerging standards and concepts, including cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, can serve as topics for student projects in your CS classroom.

Workshop 4: Showcasing Student Work

In our final day of professional learning, we come full circle and revisit the importance of showcasing student work in PBL.

Whether through a coordinated effort or through existing opportunities like, students can exhibit their work and amass a portfolio that can be useful for future college and career pursuits.

Academic Year Workshop Schedule

The four academic year workshops will be offered using the afternoon blended model that you experienced during the first academic year of professional learning support. Please save the following dates in your calendar:

2022-23 CS4NorCal Academic Year Workshops and CoP Meetings

Do you have questions about the CS4NorCal Professional Learning Year 2 offerings? Please email for support.