Goal 3

Goal 3: College and Career Prep

Work-Based Learning Continuum

Work-based Learning is a component of the CS4NorCal implementation model because research shows that real-world experiences and engagement with CS industry and businesses gives students context that enriches their academic studies and motivates them to extend their learning along a pathway that leads to postsecondary education. Therefore, the CS4NorCal CS pathway implementation model includes goals and activities designed to increase the capacity of teachers and school staff and community partners to engage with business/industry and design and implement effective work-based learning and college awareness activities. WBL activities may be planned in accordance with the progression demonstrated on this WBL Continuum.

WBL Continuum Factsheet

CS/ICT 3/29/22 Advisory Committee Meeting

Business leaders from the Computer Science/Information Technology sector provided feedback about workforce trends and needs during a regional Advisory Committee meeting on March 29, 2022. Over a dozen industry experts from CS4NorCal counties (and their neighbors) see a demand for motivated, curious employees with foundational CS/IT knowledge and skills.

Meeting Video Recording

Work-Based Learning Continuum

CS/ICT Advisory Committee Meeting