About CS Pathways

The digital divide is one of the country's most challenging civil rights issues. The CS4NorCal project acts on this issue by equipping hundreds of rural educators with the skills to teach computer science so their students are prepared for 21st-century jobs.

Tim Taylor, Executive Director - Small School Districts' Association

CS4NorCal Project Goals

In collaboration with the Sacramento County Office of Education and other partners, SSDA will:

  1. Deliver in-depth professional development in computer science concepts, practices, and pedagogy for elementary, middle and high school teachers, and school and district leadership.

  2. Implement an engaging multi-year computer science curriculum pathway, including opportunities for integration with math and science instruction, in grades K-12 at participating schools.

  3. Provide work-based learning and postsecondary transition activities to give students the opportunity to explore and prepare for CS-related careers.

  4. Demonstrate a commitment to growing and sustaining computer science instructional experiences, courses and pathways