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Invitation to Participate

California County Offices of Education, Districts, and Schools

General Information

Recruitment will target school-level of teams leading to a total of up to 265 individual teacher participants. Participants must commit to support the project's intent to develop multi-grade CS pathways as opposed to individual CS courses or activities. SSDA encourages counties to look for opportunities for cross-school, cross-district partnerships to extend pathways across grade levels and maximize opportunities for equitable access for all students.

School participation will be staggered over the 5-year project, which supports an innovative approach to design, pilot, refine, expand, and assess a regional approach to CS implementation. In the planning year, project partners (SSDA, SCOE, UC Davis) will work with County Office of Education CS leads to co-design the regional implementation approach. Beginning in 2021-22, the first cohort of schools will pilot the design and continue through the refinement and expansion phases. In subsequent years, 2nd and 3rd cohorts of schools will enter the project refinement and expansion phases. In the final year of the project, 2024-25, the final cohort will have the opportunity to implement a fully refined CS model, and the project team will conduct the final evaluation.

Participant Commitments

SSDA expects that participating schools and schools will:

  • Participate in all years of the project, based on cohort placement

  • Participate in professional learning events as teams that include one administrator and one counselor (for schools/districts that employ counselor(s))

  • Participate in data collection activities to support the learning and evaluation of the project.

    • Data collection activities may include, taking surveys, participating in interviews and/or focus groups, sharing student participation and outcome data, and artifacts of teaching and learning.

  • Implement CS education across at least two grade levels, which may occur across a variety of experiences and settings (e.g., integrated with math or science, standalone electives or technology class, CTE pathway, extended-day events or summer school). Minimal amounts of CS instruction should fall within these guidelines, which are aligned with content described in the California CS Standards:

    • 20 hours a year for students in grades K-5

    • 50 hours a year for students in grades 6-8

    • 300 hours during a student’s enrollment in grades 9-12

Participation Costs

Because CS4NorCal is funded by a federal grant, SSDA will cover costs associated with participation. All professional learning activities -- including summer boot camps, academic year workshops, quarterly communities of practice and ongoing technical assistance -- will be free of charge. Access to all of the nationally validated, standards aligned curriculum will be provided at no cost or low cost. Furthermore, SSDA will provide stipends to teachers who participate in the project.

Visit to express your interest to particpate in the CS4NorCal project.

CS4NorCal Overview and Application Process

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